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    Rogers Rams Football

    The greatest service that any athletic program can do for its student-athletes is to give them an experience that helps to shape attitudes, values, and a code of conduct that will give purpose and meaning to one’s choices and actions.  Values such as honesty, loyalty, discipline, commitment, and the ability to serve others, will provide more opportunities for success in competition, but more importantly more success throughout life.  High school is an exciting time, and being part of Rogers Football --- and committing to the “Pursuit of Excellence” on and off the field --- will lead to a very rewarding experience.  Treasure this time, and make each day count both in school and as part of our team.  Compete to be the best you can be in class and on the field, and together, WE will continue to make Rogers High School the best educational and athletic experience any student could have.

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    Rogers High School Football, Puyallup WA